Zero Petroleum

The first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel was achieved by the Royal Air Force and Zero Petroleum Limited
James Scott
Wed, 26/01/2022 - 16:36

Zero Petroleum was founded by Paddy Lowe following a distinguished career in F1 motorsport, and Professor Nilay Shah OBE, Head of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.  Zero Petroleum is the leading manufacturer of synthetic fuel in the United Kingdom, using direct air capture to extract carbon-dioxide from the air, combining this with hydrogen from water in a proprietary advanced Fischer-Topsch process to produce synthetic fuel.  Zero Petroleum’s vision is to be a prime constructor of a fully circular and carbon-neutral supply at scale.

Zero Petroleum has been working recently with the Royal Air Force to produce synthetic aviation fuel, and in November 2021 achieved a world first when a Royal Air Force officer flying a light plane using only synthetic fuel.  This flight was entered into the Guiness Book of Records as a world first. The flight is the first step on a journey for the Royal Air Force in its plans to de-fossilise the entire fuel requirement of the RAF.

The white paper on Petrosynthesis (a term coined by Zero Petroleum to describe the process of manufacturing synthetic hydrocarbon fuel) prepared by Paddy Lowe is also a worthwhile read to understand more about the process. It explains how turning to synthetic fuel is restoring a closed carbon cycle that has been severely disrupted by the use of fossil fuel.

Read more about Zero Petroleum and their synthetic fuel process here


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