Stylised advanced technology future
James Scott

The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga has given the Minister for Infrastructure a draft strategy which sets out a path for New Zealand to overcome major infrastructure challenges and meet ...

The first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel was achieved by the Royal Air Force and Zero Petroleum Limited
James Scott

Zero Petroleum was founded by Paddy Lowe following a distinguished career in F1 motorsport, and Professor Nilay Shah OBE, Head of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.  Zero Petroleum is the ...

Synthetic fuel in laboratory
James Scott

The answer is "no", because saving the planet will require the combined use of a number of different technologies, one of which is synthetic fuel.

An article by James Morris ...

Bag of money
James Scott

The finance minister announced yesterday (15 December 2021) that the next budget will include an additional $4.5B of funding for climate change initiatives.  The primary focus for this funding will ...

eFuel Alliance header
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The fight against climate change is a global challenge and therefore requires global solutions. The eFuel Alliance supports the EU climate protection targets for 2050, and seeks to actively support the ...

Lion with thumbs up
James Scott

The eFuel Pacific business was incorporated as a limited company on the 30th November 2021.

The company vision is expressed as:

Establishing a platform to enable industry to assume its ...